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STEPRO, a wide range of quality vinyl flooring for commercial and residential use, is professional in terms of aesthetics, technical performance and practicability.

Aesthetically, design is myriad for infinite creative possibilities. Design embraces contemporary style and patterns mimicking natural and construction materials such as wood, bamboo, ceramic, stones, granites, marbles, metal etc. Stepro taints interiors with a sense of modernity and natural harmony.

Technically, Stepro vinyl flooring has been tested against widely recognized standards for good quality assurance. Multiple aspects are covered including resistance to fire, abrasion, slip, indentation, as well as limits of TVOCs and toxic substances.

Practically, specifications are diversified in terms of compositions, forms, size, embossment, lamination, thickness, wearlayer etc for fulfilling specific traffic requirements. Stepro, the best vinyl flooring for your space, can be widely applied in various settings such as office, shops, residential, schools, hospitality, healthcare etc.