Our Business

Quality Flooring Materials Products are made in accordance with high technical standards which are locally and internationally approved. At the same time, state-of-the-art technologies and equipments, together with strict quality control are adopted.
Research & Development Dedicated to maintaining and further enriching the product range, the existing product range covers hundreds of various patterns and styles, not to mention custom-made options. Diversified choices can flexibly cater the specific needs of customers and project requirements.
Manufacturing & Handling Brands We sell our OEM products, and handle well-known brands from various nations.
Sales Service Quality service brings high customer satisfaction. Quality service is achieved by “being attentive to customers’ needs, providing professional consultative service, being customer-oriented, creating value for customers”. The practice of ISO9001 Quality Management System since 2006 makes it under regulation.A more efficient and timely  delivery is supported by high stock keeping level of more than 500,000sq.m, operation of four logistic centres in the four main regions of China, and the application of Microsoft ERP system and ISO 9001 Quality Management System.
Project Management Our salespersons represented in all the sales offices are well trained and experienced, who provide excellent customer service, professional advices and comprehensive solutions. Goods and regulation-abiding installation is well arranged to ensure on-time delivery.
After-sales Service Guidance of maintenance and remedial actions wherever necessary are provided.